Thursday, September 26, 2013

1163. Update on cerebellar ataxia dog

On Sep 25, 2013

"What's the cause and what more medication is needed?" the lady owner asked me again when she came in late for some repeat medication and consultation after 8 pm. "It is hard to say," I told her. She showed me a short handphone clip of her 6-year-old female poodle taken the day before. The head and body tremors were not so pronounced as when I first saw it. The dog could amble for a short distance.

"In some nervous disease cases, more money has to be spent on tests like CT Scan, MRI, CSF fluid and more blood tests and other X-rays. But I know there is a financial limit and so the one blood test done was not sufficient. There is a possibility of a liver disorder and the causes can be infectious, toxic or other unknown causes 

"Furthermore, each vet has his or her own way of treatment of this disease which is a rare disease," I said. "The first vet gave glucosamine.The 2nd vet referred you for a CT scan and prescribed no tests but the scans costs from $1500 - 2,000 and so your husband contacted me as the 3rd vet."

So far, with my medication, the dog can eat and that is what the owner wants.
"However, the cure is not available for cerebellar ataxia," I said. "Unless the cause is known or can be treated."

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