Thursday, September 26, 2013

1161. Practising evidence-based medicine for an anorexic cat

On Sep 29, 2013, a cat owner said that his one-eyed cat has not been eating for the past 5 days. This is said to be a British Shorthair and Dr Daniel had remoed an ingrown toe-nail Right Digit 3 on Sep 11, 2013.

"My cat has not been eating after the ingrown toe nail surgery," he said to me.
"How long has the cat not been eating?" I palpated a bigger than golf-ball size firm lump in the mid-abdomen, similar in location to the 14-year-old Maltese case I wrote about recently.

"Past 5 days."
"There is a big spherical lump inside the abdomen," I had palpated a painless mass the size of a bigger golf ball. "It could be an enlarged kidney, bladder or hair ball in this young cat. X-rays and blood tests are needed."

It is extremely difficult to diagnose without lab evidence like X-ray and blood test.
Blood test results showed kidney disorder likely to be an infection as the neutrophils was over 90%. The cat was given an IV drip and medication to remove lots of gas inside the intestines as seen in the X-rays and ate nearly one can of K/D diet and drank water overnight at the surgery. Will be going home today.

Heartlander clientele wants the least medical cost but what to know the cause of the disease. So, in this case, the owner had to give permission for the test and get a diagnosis.

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