Saturday, September 21, 2013

1148. Essential social media for local businesses

Ref: iPhone Life May June 2012 Vol 4 No. 3. Pg 16. by Phyllis Khare

Prospects need to find you from their computer or iOS devices.
3 sites important -
Google Places, Bing Business Portal and Yahoo Local Listings.

1.  Facebook, free. Like a local newspaper. Announce events and try to sell things.
2 ways. Official business page, a personal accuont with the Subsciption button gturned on (check out why:
Have your best fans write recomme3ndations on your page.
Always ask customers if they are on Facebook and ask for a recommendation right after a sale.

2. Twitter. free. Instant updates. Promotions.

3. Google +. You need to connect Place to Google + company page. Via G+ app.

4. YouTube
Highlight products, testimonials, cusomer questions, FAQs, new product releases, local event promotions and more. It is the 2nd largest search engine. Top of the list for any local business looking to increase their visibility.

Goto and work from there as it will not be in iTunes (Google not on good terms with Apple).

POST ANY YouTube video you ceate on allyour other social accounts esp. Facebook and Twitter. Inlcude link to business website in Description area of your video in all posts.

5. Linkedin. Think as your official business listing. Personal account and a company page.

6. Pinterest. Free. The fastest growing social site. Visually appealing items, must have account so people can "pin" the images of your products.

7. Oink. Customer reviews and ratings can be reviewed.

8. Foursquare. Check and discover what's nearby. Share experience with friends. Search and claim your business on 4s in your own town. Add special promotions to your check-ins.

Don't be overwhelmed. Take one at a time.

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