Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1142. Publishing on CreateSpace and Kindle

Sep 18, 2013

Thank you for following up. Pl see reply below:

1. As the author you have the flexibility to publish using our paid support services, free do-it-yourself book submission or a blend of both options. Will you be in need of editorial, design or marketing assistance using our paid solutions?
I will be publishing books for other authors in Singapore and also for myself. I need the design or marketing assistance and need to know the costs.

2. CreateSpace offers print on demand for trade paperback books. Are you interested in printing a soft cover version of your book?
Yes. I wish to publish trade paperback books.

3. What is the name of the software you used to type your manuscript into your computer (i.e. Microsoft Word, In Design, etc.)?
Mainly Microsoft Frontpage (see samples of articles in www.toapayohvets.com). I can use Microsoft Word.

4. Have you previously published a book? Tell us a little about this one.
No as traditional publishers are too costly for me and I will be stuck with 3000 unsold books in my house.

5. How is the writing going? When would you like to see your book in print?
Writing is to be completed as soon as I know how much it costs me
to pay for design of cover and layout services from Amazon. I have other authors to publish. Preferably in both CreateSpace and Kindle.

6. Tell us a little about yourself and your publishing goals.
1. To publish veterinary educational stories for vet students and pet owners based on my 40 years in private practice. Articles are from www.toapayohvets.com.
2.  To publish for other authors in Kindle.
3.  To publish one science fiction novel based on real life encounter.

I am a veterinarian and most of my stories are in the website www.toapayohvets.com and in the blog listed in this website. As there are images, this is where I find there will be layout and formating difficulties and hence need your services.

I have started an e-book publishing business to help other authors in Singapore to publish their books as they don't have time. So, your costs of service are needed for me to continue.

I look forward to hearing back from you and discussing your book project in greater detail.

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