Sunday, September 15, 2013

1136. A resourceful pet relocation man

"The life-style of the top (expatriate) dog is definitely hard to imagine," I said to this senior citizen who is much active in his pet relocation business. We met today at the practice where I had brought a poodle for a digital x-ray of the paws. He told me he served the most senior management and in one house, there were 4 Rhodesian Ridgebacks staying in a living room and cared for by 3 servants. This big house has two living rooms.

Once he saw a very old wobbly big Rottweiler to be shipped back to Texas, USA. He asked the expatriate how old the dog was. "15 years old," the top dog said. The journey would be 33 hours from Singapore to Texas by the usual airlines.

"At the end of the 33 hours, the dog would be exhausted or dead," I speculated. But he had his contacts and found a Singapore Airlines flight via Hong Kong and this trip took 18 hours. "At the meeting in Texas, the old dog was standing tall and pouncing on his expatriate owner."

He told me of his business plan to expand the business in partnership with an owner of a big boarding house by having an office in Changi Airport. All the airlines would contact him to relocate dogs and pets.

But this partner wanted another partner and he did not want 3 partners and so he backed out.  "There must be a reason," I said. "Nobody would want another partner to share the profits. What happened to this prospective partner and what does he do?"

"He imports wine and other goods," the retiree said. "The Changi Airport gives an office only to people who has a track record of moving at least 50,000 tons of goods."

That is the catch. The authorities want big proven companies and so it is the little man that cannot be given the opportunity with no money to prosper. But he is still serving good clientele.  

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