Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1126. The 4-Digit striking cat

"I can't see any digits on his coat," I said.
"Some can see, some can't see," the husband replied. "My wife struck lst, 2nd and 3rd prizes from reading the numerals on his coat. He is a precious cat to us."

Best is not to delay treatment. The cat had been peeing blood in the urine for the past weeks as compared to April 2013 when he suddenly could not pee and was treated promptly. This time, the cat did not recover so promptly. I had advised canned C/D diet but the cat would not eat it. So, the owner fed the usual commercial dry food and the problem recurred.

Now, the cat is not recovering so promptly as I phoned 3 days after treatment. Still having difficulty peeing. Hospitalised for 2 days with catherisation of urethra. In April, was hospitalised for 6 days and treatment was prompt. 

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