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1121. Contemporary Dance - SMU INDANCITY - Beyond 2013

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Date:   09 September, 2013  
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A full house for contemporary dancers    
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
Date:   09 September, 2013 
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1121. Contemporary Dance - SMU INDANCITY - Beyond 2013

It was full house at this SMU Indancity - Beyond 2013 on Friday Sep 6, 2013.
99% of young adults probably around 20 years old. Incessant chatter of the young and laughter made the atmosphere alive. 80% came on time. Some had to be admitted in between shows.

I sat at the recommended seat level, around 15 rows from the front, said to give the best views of the dancers as it was "premium seating"..

I could barely see their faces as it was distant. There was a dancer who invited me to the SMU Indancity Beyond 2013. I have not been to watch contemporary dances as it was not an area I was interested.

"Buy a bouquet of flowers for this dancer," I told the dancer's boyfriend. His mum had to pick up the large bouquet. "Give them to her at the end of performance. Run up to the stage before the curtains fall."

This was very romantic but not for Asians. This act would be too risky for this young man to do. All eyes would be on him. The dancer would be pleased with the gesture, I was sure. Big applause from the young ones in the audience, I was sure.

But this young man would not do it. It was a daunting task. More than 1000 pair of eyes from a full house would be on him. Who knows what the reaction from the audience would be? Would there be boos?

What if he stumbled? There was no way except to leap onto the stage. No side-kick to help him. No, it was just too risky.

So I took an image of the dancer from afar. Was she the one? She would be delighted with the this heavy bunch of flowers if this young man would be so adventurous as to risk jumping onto the stage and presented to her. If he stumbled, everyone would laughed and the dancer would be embarrassed! Too much of a risk and so the dancer got her flowers after the curtains fell and she had her briefing and came out.

The contemporary dance was choreographed by Mr Dan Kwoh and titled "Her Rite." The info from the brochure said that the dance "showed the struggles of women for freedom in third world countries, as they fight to change the seeming inalterability of their fates. They first have to overcome the shackles and binds of their own fears of discrimination and oppression."
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