Thursday, September 5, 2013

1119. Crib for the Spitz puppy?

On Sep 4, 2013 8 pm, the Caucasian owner asked me a few times as I stared blankly: "Where do I buy a crib?"  He had come to take his 6-week-old puppy back home. He came in the afternoon as his puppy had fallen down when carried and could not walk normally. "No damage to the spines," I told him about the X-ray results. He wanted an X-ray which was done in the afternoon.

As it was closing time, I drove him to Toa Payoh Central to buy the crib as advised by Dr Daniel. This is the first time I hear of "crib" and I presume it is a playpen or crate in doggy terms. Each vet will use his or her own term. "Crib" is an infant bed and I guess it may be used for puppies too.

"There is one Pet Lovers' Centre shop in Toa Payoh HDB hub," I drove him there since he was unfamiliar with Toa Payoh, having resided in Selegie Road downtown. He had worked in Singapore  for the past 5 years.   "How are you going to carry the crib since you have a puppy and his medication?" I asked. "It is best you just confine the puppy in a small bathroom."

"The puppy sleeps in my bedroom," he said. "I will use some chairs to make a confined space for him." So he did not need to buy a crib. I dropped him at the taxi stand opposite the Public Library. He thanked me and said: "You are the first Singaporean to be kind to me." That surprised me as he had been working here for 5 years and there must be Singaporean employees in his office. I presumed his boss was one of those abusive types as he said he would be self-employed.

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