Monday, September 2, 2013

1114. Clinical research on cat fur mite - Sexing the Lynxacarus radovskyi - Images for Intern Terrence

Not much information in the internet as regards the sexing of Lynxacarus radosvskyi, a cat fur mite I showed my clients yesterday, Sunday Sep 1, 2013. My intern Terrance had taken 5 images of the mites seen under my microscope and fortunately had an excellent one of the female mite.

I spent at least 6 hours today researching and photoshopping this images. They are shown above for vet students who may want to excel in their examinations with anatomical details.

Opisthosoma is equivalent to "abdomen". The female has no OP while the male has. I presume the OP will restrict abdominal swelling when the female is pregnant? The cat fur mites are also called hair clasping or hair clinging mites as they grasp the hair shafts with their gnathosoma and palpi. 

Black spots, pruritus and alopecia are signs.

In the Ragdoll case, the groin area was partially hairless due to excessive grooming. There were a few circular hair loss areas and I thought they were ringworm. Ultraviolet light was negative. I plucked some hairs onto the scotch tape to examine under the microscope and there were these 5 mites.

I do have the Scoptek software install in my microscope but the vets seldom use it to show the images to clients. In this case, I asked them to view the slide under the microscope. Later, I asked Intern Terrance to capture the images and do the 2nd project of cat fur mites. I will provide the images above and he will do the video.

I may have to think of a way to use the handphone or iPad to connect to the microscope as the laptop may be too cumbersome since I don't have bench space. "Show and tell" process makes the client involved in their cat's health care and I am sure they will remember better the vet who bothers to show and not just tell that their cat has Lynxacarus radovskyi or show some illustrations. The real fur mites on the laptop screen will be like watching reality TV as they climb and grasp the hair shafts. I wonder whether the ScopeTek software can make videos too?


Video images
Be Kind To Pets
For Intern Terrence


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