Friday, August 30, 2013

1109. HOW YOUR OLD DOG CAN LIVE LONGER. Follow up: Westie with bladder stone - 26th day post op

Saturday 31 Aug 2013  9.38 am

Wife who loves this 10-year-old Westie much more than husband came to get stitches out.
"26th day after op," she said. "Stitches still there."  These absorbable PDS sutures are really lasting. Seldom dissolve early. The dog was active. Stitches taken out. A small skin haematoma at one end expressed. Video image.

The dog vomited on Day 16 to 21. The couple was much concerned and wanted antacid as he read on the internet that his dog was suffering from stomach ulcers. "It is hard to tell what he is suffering from without tests," I said. I gave him the antacid and changed antibiotic tablets to Vibravet paste.
"Stop the dry U/D diet."
No more vomiting two days later and today the stitches are taken out.

"He is still urine-marking a lot when outdoors," she said. "Every few spots, he will lift his leg. At home, he does it 3-4 times a day if he is not outdoors."

"Male dogs do that," I said. "Neutered ones may do less times or not at all. Holding back urine causes bacterial infection and then stone formation, leading to blood in the urine or difficulty in urination."
"Is it too risky to neuter him now?" she asked.
"Based on his blood test and examination, he is fit for anaesthesia. Neuter and dental scaling 3 months from now will be best. Get urine tested 3 monthly to check for infection of the bladder"

The owner wanted 24 cans of U/D and went home quite happy with this dog who keeps looking for the canned food by tapping on the feeding area. He has a voracious appetite and is now 8.1 kg making him heavy to be carried.

Besides proper care of the older dog, get him health screening and urine tested. Prevent urinary stones by urine testing +/- X-rays regularly. In any case, urine test 3 monthly.  To prevent urine marking, neuter him when he is around 6-8 months old so that the male dog does not retain urine, causing stagnant urine favouring bacterial infection and stone formation. Some dogs don't drink much water. 

TP 45123
Westie, M, Not neutered, Born Nov 16, 2003
Wanted 3rd opinion as Vet 1 took blood test for suspected poisoning and Vet 2 diagnosed bladder stones based on X-ray.
Blood test unremarkable
X-ray bladder stones
Urine test calcium oxalate crystals
Owner does not want stone analysis owing to financial constraints.
Bladder stones removed. Calcium oxalate.
On U/D diet.
As at 26th day after surgery, no complaint of surgical outcome.
Vomiting reported

The wife came to buy 24 cans of U/D yesterday Sep 5, 2013 and said that the Westie is OK.

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