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1095. A clean slate - What makes a good intern

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Date:   24 August, 2013  
Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles & rabbits
What makes a good intern  
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
Date:   24 August, 2013 
Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129


Be prepared to change your mindset from academia to industry's expectations

Time is precious

Do research on the company and its internship work.
See past videos done by previous interns and improve on them

Reasons for making veterinary educational videos

Learn how to be a follower before you can become a leader. The younger generation of Singaporeans like to do it "their way" by ignoring instructions from the mentor. For example, in this case, I asked the intern not to use any material or images from the first video done (Ear abscess in the terrapin). He had forgotten to insert the abscess image. "Start on a fresh page, do not use any of the clips of the first video." When I followed up with his second video, he said he used part of the clips. This was time wasted. "How would I be able to trust you to do a good job if I have to worry about you ignoring instructions?"

Be proactive. Can introduce new ideas on video production by speaking to the mentor.

Copyright of images and work to be respected.

Use pen and paper to discuss with your mentor. Time of mentor is short as the mentor has lots of things to do. Amendments to be written in the notebook. The two young men loved the google docs software to write the script but this is not practical for the mentor to wait while they make amendments.  The mentor has to wait. A print-out will enable the mentor to scribble amendments and discuss further.

"The mentor keeps changing the script" was the complaint by the one intern. "This is because you are unable to grasp the essence of the topic and so cannot crystallise the mentor's thoughts directions into video production. In real life, you need to accept and adopt the senior's work instructions. This is good for your future career, promotions and other relationships. If you cannot be trusted to do what is legally required, you cannot be a productive team member. In the end, the mentor is responsible for the output."  

Maximise the 8 hours to learn as much as possible. The interns must deliver results

Make a small difference. Educational vet video helps to save lives of pets as You Tube permits those vets or pet owners less fortunate to be educated.

Ignoring instructions from the teacher affects future internships
Not bringing your own laptop to work. "A laptop's battery not functioning is a lame excuse. You can always plug direct to the electrical point at the Surgery."
Taking long dinners with friends is what some other interns did.
Taking hours off to do other matters

Industry experience broadens the mind 

Self-motivated to excel in any project you do.

Be meticulous about records and Credits.
Be a "Tan Chia". This is Hokkien slang for being "on the ball. Bring your tools to work and that means the laptops." The 4 RI interns from Sec 4 did not bring laptops to the Surgery. The reason was that the laptops were heavy. This is despite being told to do so by their teachers. It seems they want to test the boundaries. 

Save a copy as you work. No excuses. The revised ear abscess in the terrapin video could not be viewed by me as there were some technical faults according to the intern. "Did you do a back up copy?" I asked. He did not. So, the time for me to review it was wasted.

Internship tips
How to be an effective intern?

In real life, give what the mentor/supervisor wants for work performance. Deliver results whether for promotion or other bigger bonus or for personal satisfaction of doing your best. 


1. An example of a good video. Like a good novel, page turner.
Kennel cough in a puppy. 3-day internship by 2 Sec 3 St Andrew's students. I gave them the script in a draft and left the clinic for them to produce the video. Dialogue. Diagnosis & Treatment. Prevention. Acting is natural. Good editing is the key to success. Using the key to lock the Mercedes car - not done nowadays.  
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