Sunday, August 18, 2013

1091. Follow up on terrapin with right ear abscess

Aug 19, 2013

Abscessed right ear lanced. Terrapin went home on the same day, to live apart from the other 3 and to give medication.

I phoned today, 6 days post surgery.
"Swelling gone down a bit," the owner said. "He is eating a bit. I am usually out working and so I don't know."
"Is swelling down by 50%?" I asked.
"You must give the medication," I said.
"It is difficult to feed medicine," he said. "He won't open his mouth. Sometimes I managed to do it."
"How about closing his nostrils so that he will open his mouth?"
"I do it but he does not open his mouth."
There seems to be some return of appetite. The owner will come for medicine. Follow up is  important for the pet as most owners don't provide feedback.

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