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1088. An old cat in Turkey has bladder stones

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Date:   20 August, 2013  
Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles & rabbits
Blood in the urine of a Turkey's cat  
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVSDate:   20 August, 2013 
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EMAIL TO DR SING DATED AUG 18, 2013Hello i am a vet doctor from Turkey and i was searching some info about stones of cats also found you in internet.  I'll appreciate if you can help me about this x-ray. My patient has a blood urine and she has some stones in her bladder. She is 12 years old. I begin to give her hills c/d from today and pills as must be. But I don't know really whether she needs an operation or wait to see the results of c/d food for a while, or what i have to do more?

What do you think about this fact and type of stones? (like struvite or?)
Thank you.

Best regards

Dr H
EMAIL REPLY FROM DR SING DATED AUG 19, 2013 Thank you for your X-rays. It is hard to know what type of stones are present in the bladder. The spikey ones look like calcium oxalate but you cannot base the composition of stones on X-rays. It must be done on stone analysis.
Have you done a urinalysis for the urinary crystals? The only solution is to perform surgery to remove the stones as they are too large and many. In my opinion, the C/D  prescription food for cats is not meant to dissolve struvite urinary stones but to prevent stone formation. Anaesthesia is risky in very old cats and so you have to let the owner know. 


i am sorry that i disturbed you and thanks a lot for your quick response..
yes spikes are look like calcium
i have told the owner about complication with anesthesia and they don't want the operation..i didn't make a urinalysis for the crystals by the way so i will do tomorrow..
is there another choose except c/d? or what to do more if the owner doesn't want the operation?
Need your advice thanks..
If the owner does not want the surgery, this is the owner's choice. 1.  The vet must record his advice to perform surgery in writing to the owner to prevent misunderstanding from family members and friends who may not be aware of the owner's choice.
2.  Regular urine and bacterial cultures and antibiotic sensitivity tests when there is haematuria and infections
3. Blood test to screen the health esp. kidney function when there is vomiting.
4.  Prescription of antibiotics when there is haematuria may be the only treatment in this case.  
5. Do you have a ventral-dorsal view of the bladder?
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