Friday, August 16, 2013

1084. e-book publishing. Designing book covers for e-book

Ref: Writing Magazine March 2013  Pg. 34

1. Show or tell?
The sole reason for an ebook is to grab the prospective reader's attention rather than to tell him the story.

2. Don't try to tell the whole stroy.
Choose 1 or 2 salient points from your story. Keep it simple. Create an emotion not tell wht the book is about. Very tiny icon on the website. Too much details confuse.
3. Show your genre/tone
Check out other books in the same genre to show the tone of the story.
4. Restrict your fonts
Three is maximum. No Papyrus or Comic Sans fonts. Too thin.

5. Colour scheme.
Few colours better. Create an emotion in the reader. Leave space. Simple. No white background as impact will be lost in a website (white). Use thin black borders to stand out from white screen.

6. Original photos/artwork. See best sellers in your genre in Amazon or Goodreads. Some ideas. Graphics expensive. Roytalty free not free. Cheap photos used by others. Pay for one at deviantART to avoid a popular image.

7. Mark the book as yours. Branding. Esp. in a series. Particular font, similar design, logo, fancy line underlining name of author or title.

8. Experiment.  Re-do. (book designer)
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