Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1080. Follow up: Jack Russell with ascites - no more swollen face

August 15, 2013
After 2 nights of hospitalisation and treatment including abdominocentesis by Dr Daniel, the Jack Russell's double chin and neck swelling has reduced in size considerably. I drove the car with my assistant Niang to return the dog to the owner.

"So small," the maid referring to the dog's swollen face and neck 2 days ago. The Jack Russell's face is sharper in outline as is normal. A bit of fluid under the neck in front of the thoracic inlet. The abdomen appeared swollen again. Overall, he feels much alive and active.

"Sometimes, the owner has no time to give medication regularly as he has his own work to do. No staff to help him as it is very difficult to find one when you are a small company" I said to Niang. "Some owners have no money to buy the medication for treatment of ascites which is not a curable condition."  

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