Thursday, July 11, 2013

1020. A much loved Cocker Spaniel's surgeries

The fair young lady in her late 20s from Bukit Batok, informed me yesterday that her Cocker Spaniel that was operated by me for ear and breast tumours had passed away in Dec 2012 when she came with her  colleague who rescused a kitten bitten in the neck by a big cat at the rubbish dump near her office yesterday. The Malay colleague will take care of the kitten when he recovers.

I reviewed the Cocker Spaniel records as she said the surgical outcome of the right ear resection operation was good.  Reviews can improve a vet's standard of care.

Here's the history
The Cocker Spaniel was born in Sep 1998. Spayed.
1. Aug 27, 2009.  11 years old. Bladder stone removal surgery
She brought the dog for treatment of blood in the urine. Her father had said: "Why spend on treatment when $500 can buy a new puppy?"

I counted 31 bladder stones removed!
I had recorded the case at:

2. 30 Jan 2010 at 12 years old. Breast tumour surgery. Breast tumours at left MG4 &5 removed.

3. July 13, 2010. Right ear stinks. Left ear normal, not smelly. R ear with pus, itchiness and inflammation.
R ear otitis externa.  Surgery lateral ear canal resection.

No more visits from the owner. The Cocker Spaniel was weaker and weaker in 2012 and was treated by another vet. She died in Dec 2012 according to the young lady. The dog would be 14 years old. The young lady works for a famous US company unlike the childcare centre when I met her.

P.S. Retrospective review on Jul 12, 2013

Spayed at around 6 months.
All the time with Vet 1
Bladder stones removed by Vet 1.
Vet 1 sold a fish-based brand of food - recommended feeding it.
Stones came back. Lost confidence in Vet 1.
"What do you feed after 2nd bladder stone surgery? Any recurrence?" I asked.
"Boiled vegetable and chicken meat as advised by you."
"Strictly disciplined on this feeding regime?" I asked.
"You must have fed a lot of veg," I asked.
"Boiled cabbage and carrots are sweet when boiled. She loves it."
"Yes," she said. "Weight maintained at 12-14 kg."
"How you weigh her?"
"Use human scales." she said.
So, no stone recurrence. "Dog died of old age at 14 years," she said sadly.

No breast tumour recurrence. The right ear was slightly smelly and needed cleaning. Overall, the dog had lived a good life much loved, to a ripe old age. The younger generation like her cares very much for the dog.

The stray kitten with the grey black sticky neck bite wound and infection came in yesterday. It was hissing at any human being going near her. Dr Daniel treated the neck wound. I advised fluid therapy as well. The kitten looks better today.

Case Ref for further review by TP Vets: TP 40460

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