Friday, July 5, 2013

1507. The 13-year-old Shih Tzu from Bedok could not stand

The Shih Tzu from Bedok was treated previously for skin diseases but did not seem to improve. I diagnosed generalised ringworm and it took a second treatment before the skin became clear. The problem is re-infection from the environment - the flooring and sleeping areas. Hence most ringworm lesions were found on the belly area. Vet 1 had treated but the problem persisted and so the adult daughter got the dog to me for second opinion as her parents were using off-the-counter shampoos to treat the skin disease without success. Skin diseases like ringworm and yeast infections are hard to cure if the other factors like environmental contamination are not eliminated and this is the responsibility of the owner. Vets may advise but may not have time to follow up regularly as there are so many cases to do.

The younger generation is much better educated and concerned about the old companion.

One week ago, suddenly the dog could not stand up on all four legs. "What's the cause?" the parents asked. X-rays showed L3/L4 disc rupture. However the front legs of the dog were not moving and had little pain sensation in the paws too.

"It is possible that the old dog suffers from a stroke," I said. "A brain scan will be useful, but it is costly." The owners would try to help the dog pee and poop. He is a clean dog and could not stand up on his own to do it. The parents and two adult son and daughter were very concerned and took the dog for treatment immediately.

I would need to follow up. 

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