Saturday, July 27, 2013

1044. Follow up on Jack Russell with ascites

Sunday Jul 28, 2013
11.30 am

"I don't sms replies when there is too much text to do thumb," I said to the owner of the 13-year-old male aggressive Jack Russell.

I had texted: "Is dog breathing normally and not coughing?"
She responded at 9.19 am: "Yes, not coughing anymore. one thing I forgot to ask. Last few weeks when he barked too much, he sort of lost his orientation n balance n "faint" on the floor n whole body tense up n he involuntarily urinate. So is it normal?"

Continuing: she texted: "Is that a symptom of other illness I mean?"

"Thank you for your text doctor"

Another text 1 minute later at 9.21 am  "I dissolve medicine with milk n he drank all the milk with the dissolved medication."

So I phoned her to discuss further as I am not into texting furiously.

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