Friday, June 28, 2013

Update on Jack Russell with 10 small bladder stones - Ear scratching, paw biting whole night

I had sent the dog back with a bag of U/D dry. "We can't sleep as he keeps scratching his ears and body the whole night," the wife said. I examined the dog. His right ear is swollen and full of paw scratches. His left ear had a few such marks too. Other than that he was OK.

"I prescribed U/D dry instead of canned U/D to save you money," I gave the usual anti-allergic injection IM and SC. "Since he is allergic to it, stop the feeding."  

Coincidentally, a woman came in asking to buy 12 cans of U/D. She showed me a slip of paper with the case reference number.  "My daughter asked me to come and buy the food," she said.

"Usually I see a man coming to buy regularly," I said.
"He is my husband and is not free today."

As the dog had recurrent oxalate stones and had two operations. Now, with canned U/D, the dog has no urinary tract problems. "It is better not to eat dry food," the woman said. This case illlustrates that there is a younger adult who is alert and wanting to prevent a 3rd bladder stone operation and that is the daughter.

Cocker Spaniel, Male, born in 2002
Two bladder stone surgery at Toa Payoh Vets on:
Calcium oxalate
May 26, 2011
Sep 4, 2012

Before lst operation, the dog was fed dry food.
After lst operation,  fed cheap canned food

Now strictly on canned U/D. As at Jun 28, 2013 today, so far so good.

As for the Jack Russell, the wife said: "So troublesome."  I gave her 50% back for the opened U/D diet and advised her just to feed home-cooked food. She wanted the Canned U/D and took 12 cans. If there is allergy, I will take back the cans.  

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