Monday, June 17, 2013

A superfit weight-losing Jack Russell

"My maid said to me that the dog is very fat now," the man said. "Yet I can see that my Jack Russell is bloated with spinal bone protruding. Fat dogs don't look like this."  Sometimes I get challenging cases.

1.  May 30, 2013
JR , M, 6 years. Very thin at 6 kg. 
Abdominal distension but active and eating. 
No dyspnoea, coughing

In such cases, blood test and urine tests are basic. X-rays can wait.  Abdominal fluid must be drained and sent to the lab for analysis of the cells. This may be overlooked by the vet.

6 kg. Dom + Ket 0.1 + 0.15 ml IV. Drained >500 ml of abdominal exudate. 5 ml sent to the lab.

2.  Jun 1, 2013 lab report of abdominal exudate - cytology.
5 ml of pale yellowish fluid.  3Pap and one Diff Quik stained smears showed atypical epithelial cells.
The features are worrisome for an adenocarcinoma.

3. Jun 18, 2013
I phoned the owner. He said: "Superactive but losing weight. Can see bones protruding from his back. Just dash here and there. Jumps on me when I am home. Is there any cure? "
"No guarantee of cure," I said. "You may wish to try azathioprine tablets for 2 months."
"Any side effects?"
"Vomtiing and diarrhoea. Lower the dosage 

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