Monday, June 10, 2013

1454. An ice-cream factory being approved

On June 10, 2013, I visited a new ice-cream factory in Jurong, being approved by the AVA together with its founder. This is the 2nd ice-cream factory I have seen.

Although there seems to be no connection to veterinary medicine, I met  Linda, a building engineer from a professional engineering consultant firm told me that she had advised via the related contractors on fire safety in veterinary clinics in Redhill and a new one near Changi Prison. 

"It is hard for a new vet to find a FS firm to get AVA approval," I said. "Unlike doctors, vets and lawyers listed on the yellow pages, it is hard to know who does Fire Safety for new vet practices."

"There are more than 1,500 professional engineer firms," she said. "But not all do fire-safety consultancy."
I saw my old Mercedes car in the factory premises. I sold this 8-year-old it as it had cost me $6,000 to repair the leaking coolant system in Singapore, without success. "Check coolant level" warning came out again last 2 months ago and I decided to sell it. The experienced mechanic said there might be need to overhaul and change the system, costing over $4,000. I sold to the founder for S$2,000 (car body price) and got back my COE refund of $33,000. Now I have to rent a car at $1,450 per month for the time being. Car prices are incredibly high in Singapore and car loans are now restricted by the government to 50% and 5 year payment. Yet COE prices have gone up to $70,000 this month though they were around $100,000 3 months ago.    
"How did you repair the car in Johor?" I had gone with the founder of this ice-cream factory to Iskander and saw a busy mechanic. "Is it done by the mechanic at Iskandar?"

"Yes," he said. "There seemed to be over-heating of the engine with lots of glue and sticky liquid found inside the coolant system and the gasket had been damaged."

"The glue would be due to the white-haired man servicing Mercedes at a Caltex petrol station off Dunearn Road," I said. "He pumped in glue to seal the leak. It didn't work and he also replaced a new water radiator. Then another mechanic in Tagore Lane sealed a leaking joint and there was no leak for a few months. After that there was coolant leak again and I had to top up the water every 2 days. So, that's why I decided to sell off this car as I had spent over $6,000 for repairs. How much was the repair?"

"S$2,000 and it took a week," the founder said. "My experienced Jaguar car mechanic spoke to this Malaysian mechanic and assessed he could do the job. In Singapore, the cost would be over $4,000."

"It is hard for me to find a good mechanic in Singapore," I said. "I thought the white-haired men in Dunearn Road, specialising in Mercedes car servicing would do a good job." I can't afford to spend time at workshops when my old car broke down and so I sold it. I like this E200 car very much for its design and comfort but it seems that continental cars over 8 years tend to give mechanical problems. Cars that lasted more than 8 years need much repairs but are cheaper than buying new cars.     

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