Friday, May 17, 2013

Update Yorkshire 16 hours after breast tumour surgery

Update & Review of breast tumours removed yesterday at 4 pm. Very weak not standing when the owner visited at 7 pm. On IV drip.

Saturday May 18, 2013  9.29 am. Alert, walking. Not eating. Some swelling at right MG 2.  

Yorkshire Terrier, F, Not spayed. Mammary tumours x 4.
7 months ago, small nodules but not excised as owner was worried about anaesthesia.
Tumours in right & left MG5 are extensive.
To remove only the right chain, MG3,4,5 as there will be no skin to suture if the left MG5 is also removed with the right MG5. Ovariohysterectomy not done at same time as the dog is very old. Shorter the surgery, higher the chances of survival.

SURGERY. Dr Daniel Sing to operate and I to assist. Nai to do vet anaesthesia.
The surgery took around one hour at minimal anaesthesia isoflurane 0-3%. Dom + Ket at 50% of formula given IV. IV drip.

Blood test May 17, 2013
Only urea high at 10.7 (4.2-6.3) and creatinine low 39 (89-177), platelets very high 886 (200-500). umours have spread possibly via the blood stream --- high platelet counts?. No X-rays of lungs done owing to economic reasons.

Goes home today 10.15 am.

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