Friday, May 31, 2013

KPI - neutering a normal poodle using IV anaesthesia Dom + Ket

May 31, 2013

"Double ligation is better," I said to my assistant Naing. "Sometimes the ligature slips and the dog bleeds leading to a much swollen scrotal sac. But most vets will ligate once." I was giving Naing, a young vet graduate from Myanmar some tips.

How long it takes me to neuter a poodle? For knowledge gathering purposes, I record the times.

Poodle, M, 1 year, two normal descended testicles, 4.85 kg.
Anaesthesia - Domitor + Ketamine 0.2 + 0.25 ml IV, one syringe.
"No need to prepare isoflurane," I said to Naing who was getting ready to switch on the oxygen and isoflurane. "The dosage is sufficient if the vet is fast."

1.47 pm Injection IV Dom + Ket
1.56 pm First skin incision. 2 testicles removed, double ligation per testicle into grooved clamped area
2.12 pm  Skin stitched. Dog started to move legs at this time.

Surgery time -  2.12 - 1.56 = 16 minutes
Duration of surgical anaesthesia without isoflurane top up 2.12 - 1.47 = 25 minutes.
Dog is young and healthy but thin.  

Goes home at 4 pm, no problem.
"What's the black area?" the man asked.
"Actually it is part of the scrotal sac. The other part is not black due to continuous licking. It becomes pink and hairless.

A little girl came. "This poodle is her dog," the mum said. "The old Schnauzer with heart disease you put to sleep on Vesak Day is my dog."
"How old is she?" I asked as she had cried that day when she was not allowed to see the dog after euthanasia. Fair complexion, big eyes and bright.
"3 years old," she said.
"I thought she is 6 years old," I replied. 

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