Thursday, May 30, 2013

1441. Facebook condemns a vet in Myanmar - vomiting pug with blood in the urine. UTI or urinary stones?

May 29, 2013

A Myanmar vet was condemned by the Facebook posting as the pug he treated for urinary tract infection died. I saw the image of the pug although I could not read the Myanmar postings.  According to my assistant Naing, the vet said there was just urinary tract infection and no bladder stones. The owner had consulted Vet 1 who diagnosed bladder stones from ultra sound and so the owner brought the dog to Vet 1.

When a dog dies, the postings can be very sharp. The dog had been vomiting. So was there bladder stones or not?

"It is possible there is renal failure causing vomiting, but blood tests were not done to show the health of the kidneys. An X-ray could have been done to confirm the bladder or kidney stones."

Based on urine microscopy of "no crystals," the vet came to a conclusion there was no stones despite Vet 1's ultrasound stating there were stones.

Although no autopsy was done to find out the cause of death, the Facebook posting would be harmful to the reputation of the vet practice as the postings spread around the world. .

It is best that a process is used whenever a vomiting dog with haematuria is presented. Blood tests, urine tests and X-rays are mandatory unless the owner declines them. Practise defensive medicine but be compassionate if the owner has financial difficulties.   

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