Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1418. Large wounds

In some cases, I had to intervene when surgical wounds do not close and the owner will not want to pay for wound stitching..
Case 1. The kitten had a big left neck abscess. The pus was cleared and the wound stitched by my associate vet. Yet the stitch broke down. The owner did not want to pay for further stitching. "The wound is 3 cm x 2 cm," I said. "A large wound exposing the neck muscles and the big neck veins. Yellow pus and scratching will persist. Smelly later due to bacteria and hair trapped inside. Very itchy for the kitten.  Stitching must be done." I offered him a below cost rate to get the kitten wound stitched up. The kitten recovered well.

 Case 2. The old cross-bred had a massive circum-anal tumour from 6 to 12 o'clock. My associate vet excised the whole tumour. Now a big hole. The anal skin was gone. The anal opening shrank inwards. So the dog pooped and the stools are entrapped in this hole. What to do?

The owners let the maid look after the dog and did not seek treatment. The lady friends of the owner came to visit the dog. The owner had denque fever and could not turn up.

"It is not as if this dog is cuddly," the lady friend explained why the circum-anal tumour was permitted to grow so big, such that there is a big hole now. "The maid did not inform us." What is the solution? Re-stitching is the answer but there is no skin.

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