Thursday, May 2, 2013

1401. Geneva and Paris city tour for Singapore group

May 3, 2013
Hotel Mercure Paris Porte De Pantin Hotel

The Geneva and Paris city tour guides I met were extremely dedicated and knowledgeable about the history and culture of the city and they connect with the group by comparing the situation in Singapore.The Paris guide said Egypt donated the monument to Paris and wondered when Singapore would do so.

The Singapore tour leaders are also under pressure to get the group punctual as some go missing or is unpunctual. My coach driver's grandma is very ill and he had to leave for Holland yesterday 8 pm, being replaced by another.

Bright sunshine seemed to be rare in the last 6 months and we were lucky May 2 was sunny. 3 images of 3 hardworking tour leaders. They need to perform to high expectations of some Singaporean group members while others grumble. There seems to be no system for some tour leaders as some don't inform us early which hotel we will be staying or the optional city tours to Louvre etc on a free day in Paris.

Some pictures of sunshine in Paris and the 3 tour leaders I met. Had dinner in the 6th floor of Galaries Lafeyette. Long queues waiting to pay for the purchase of LV.  


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