Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lateral Ear Resection: Good outcome with CKC

When ear problem started?
Around one year old
Used tissues and ear drops

Has a Jack Russell now 2 years old. No ear problems

July 7, 2010  Left ear resected by me. 2 years old.
Domitor 0.1 ml, Zoletil 0.1 ml & isoflurane gas. Electro-surgery

Sep 6, 2010. Right ear resected by my associate vet.
Domitor 0.2 ml IV & isolfurane gas


1. Left ear healing well.
2. Right ear. Warded 4 days. 13 days later, came back Stitches some problem. Got to hospitalise for 3-4 days from Sep 18 to 22, 2010. Owner's mother said she remembered because of the increase in medical costs due to hospitalisation.

Oct 18 - 20 2010 warded 2 days. R and L ear smelly. Ear scratching & shaking head.

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