Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fri April 12, 2013. A visit to Johor vet and Iskandar area

On Friday April 12, 2013, I visited a Johor vet and Iskandar area with another vet who shared his experiences about vet practices.

1. "TKX" Anaesthesia for Caesarean section is safe for puppies, said the experienced vet. Seldom used gaseous anaesthesia. If IV anaesthesia is effective, why bother with the costly gas?

Mixture of TKX is as follows:
1.  Zoleteil 50 or 100 - One bottle. I thought it should be Zoletil 100.
2.  Add in 2 ml of Xylazine 100 to 8 ml of Ketamine 100 to the Zoletil bottle.

Average 20kg dog, use 2 ml SC, IM, or IV according to requirements and topping up when needed. I need to check the above further. I have written another report on this TKX in my website on Anaesthesia.

I use gas for Caesarean section and most surgeries as there is no need to top up. The cost is much higher. 

2. Oral ivomec for poulty - kills beetles. May be useful for dog demodectic mange. Dutch company produces it.  Should be useful for vets as this is an oral ivomec.

Great investment potential but prices seem to have shot up.

A 3-bedroom 2-storey semi-detached of around 4000 sq ft of land at Bestair, near Giant supermarket, costs S$500,000. Security guards are present at the entrance but anyone can climb over the low walls at the side of the development.  Capital gains 5-10 years later may be the reason to invest for younger Singaporeans who don't need to be lavish in buying expensive cars and speculating in shares hoping to make a fast buck.

If the house is rented out, most tenants will NOT bother to maintain it in excellent state. Many Singaporeans are investing in properties overseas but Johor is a good bet for Singaporeans who are not having lots of money, in my opinion. Capital gains should be the objective. Renting out will cause damage to the beautiful house as I note that most tenants do NOT care and will sublet to friends who abuse the interiors. In investment theory, the house should get rental income. If the investor takes the risk of damage, the house should be rented out. Borrow 80% and pay the instalments monthly. This Bestair area is what I think will be a growth area and not just any development in Johore. I can see many banks setting up shop here. There is the Giant supermarket, the Tesco market within 1 10-minute walk. This seems to be the beginning of "Orchard Road" of Singapore of 30 years ago. Orchard Road houses are out of the average Singaporean.

A concept of pet shop and vet. In the unit I visited, the quotation for spaying a dog is RM 250-500 or S$100. The unit has a vet but no surgeries are done there. Global Pets has a good one-shop animal care and accessory concept.

I can see there is a need for a vet hospital. No selling of pet products or grooming. Who dares to invest and can provide the deeper surgical skills for dogs and cats will be in a niche position. Most dogs seem to be large breeds but I don't know. Johor is said to have 3 million people. It is prospering.  

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