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Feedback on Vet Science video at RI

Email dated April 4, 2013

Hi Dr Sing,

Sure, I really look forward to the internship, I will send you my particular / resume soon.

I guess the canine Caesarean section skin incision was a little overwhelming for some of us , maybe a warning slide can come before the video to better prepare ourselves :)

Thank you very much!
Thanks for feedback and great response from students. The idea of texting questions by sms to the lady during Q&A was great and the questions were so interesting and relevant. Video was produced to be for 15 minutes in case the young generation gets bored. Last-minute production of the video by my intern. I needed to write an engaging script and I hope it worked. 

There was a loud response when the audience saw a hisbiscus flower (Be Kind To Pets Educational Video). Is it because they appreciate the image of the flower? There were other vocal responses too, and I wonder if the canine Caesarean section skin incision with blood  was too much for you all.
I am in Switzerland now and will meet you at internship time. Just send resume will be OK. Study hard.
On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 11:55 AM,> wrote:
Hi Dr Sing,

I will be available from 6 June to 21 June. How about 6 June to 16 June ? Do let me know if you need me to submit any personal details etc.

I thought the video was very engaging and eye opening, my friends and i were quite surprised with how the surgery was performed on the pet.  Perhaps we can have more photos on the common conditions observed at the clinic? Eye infections, skin problems, tumour etc.
Personally I thought the talk was quite interesting. Based on experience, we don't usually ask that many questions at a talk. Perhaps you could have more sharing on your personal experiences in your vet studies, Eg difficulties and how you overcome it eventually.
Thank you for this opportunity! you can also contactme via 9....


On Friday, 26 April 2013, Kong Yuen Sing <> wrote:
1. I am Dr Sing Kong Yuen. You are welcome to do an internship. Pl give me the dates as I can accept at most 2 interns

2. Pl give me the feedback on what the audience felt about the video presentation and the talk as this is important for improvements.
On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 10:15 PM,> wrote:
Dear Judy,

I am XXX from Raffles Institution who has just attended the talk which Dr Sings have delievered this afternoon at RI. I aspire to become a vet and i am currently looking for an internship during my June holiday. I will be available for the entire June and I am looking at an internship with duration of about 10days.

I am a pretty efficient worker and Im also not scared for animals or bugs (I have personally removed ticks from my dogs while showering them ). I am also a weekly shelter helper at the SPCA. This opportunity means a lot to me as I really hope to learn more about how is everyday life being a vet like and discover more about myself too.

I have approached two vet clinics, one of which I usually take my dogs to visit. However, I was told that they are uncomfortable with taking Jc students and are only willing to accept vet school students. I believe I am able to fulfil the tasks assigned to me efficiently and be a good assistant at the clinic.

Thank you for taking time to read this email and hope you will consider my request.

Again thank you very much!
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