Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1391. Talk update

1969 - 1974  Glasgow University School of Veterinary Medicine. Colombo Plan Scholarship. 8-year-old bond with the AVA (Agri-food & Veterinary Authority).
1974 - 1976 Full-time National Service after graduation. SAF Provost Unit Officer. Guard and tracker dog vet, This service is included in the 8-year-old bond.
1977 - 1982 Pig and chicken government vet for the AVA.
1982 - 1990. Singapore Turf Club racehorse vet.
1982.  Started up Toa Payoh Vets at Blk 1002, Toa Payoh Lor 8, 01-1477
1991 - 2013 Dog &Cat vet at Toa Payoh Vets,


Some more prevalent diseases are mentioned in this brief talk.

1.  In National Service, the military dogs suffered from heat stress, tick fever and hip lameness. Generally, they were retired when they reach 8 years of age.

2.  In the AVA, the main work was with chickens and pigs. Chickens and pigs were housed in large numbers to maximise production and profits. They suffered mainly from multiple viral diseases like Marek's Disease in chickens and Transmissible Gastroenteritis in piglets. Some of these diseases are prevented by vaccination approved by the AVA. Before vaccine approval, vaccine trials of Egg Drop Syndrome 76 virus were conducted by Dr Sing with Dr Ng Fook Kheong. These trials ensured that the vaccine imported would be effective.

3. In the Singapore Turf Club, racing injuries, fractures and tendon inflammation and bleeding from the nose were commonly encountered and treated in racehorses. Neutering of male horses were done.

4.  In Toa Payoh Vets, the top medical case was skin diseases in dogs (video). Causes are varied. Some can be cured e.g. generalised ringworm. (video). Certain breeds like the Shih Tzu are favourites of Singaporeans and eye injuries are most common (video). For 2 years, I did over 200 Caesarean sections for the professional dog breeders of Pasir Ris. Emergency Caesarean section in home breeders used to be popular in the 1990s but are occasionally encountered as Singaporeans could see puppies to meet a great demand. (video). 

Tumours in the older hamsters and swollen eyes in terrapins are commonly seen nowadays (video). Rabbits and guinea pigs have teeth or urinary tract problems.


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