Monday, April 22, 2013

1388. Health screening - How to communicate the advices of tests?

Schnauzer, Male, Not Neutered, 9 years old. The owner wanted a health screening in addition to dental work. Dr Daniel extracted 7 teeth. Blood and urine tests are mandatory for health screening in dogs and cats. He then phoned the owner to tell him the results.

From what I see, the significant results are in the urine test.
pH 7.0  SG 1.042.  Cystals Amorphous phosphate  Protein +, Bacteria 2+.  But RBC and WBC negative.

So what to advise?

Each vet does his own way.  For me, I emphasized to the owner to feed the S/D diet to dissolve all crystals for 3 months. Then proceed to feeding C/D or some commercial diet for struvite stones as S/D and C/D are from vets only. "It is important that you get the crystals dissolved as Miniature Schnauzers are prone to bladder stones. Surgery to remove such stones will be expensive!"

I write down the advices so that there will be no dispute. It will be best to be in writing but vets don't do it.

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