Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1373. Right perineal hernia in an old Pom

"It is your decision and judgment," I said to Dr Daniel. The male Pom had a hard swollen right perineal hernia and had not pooped for the last 2 days. Difficulty in urination. The swelling was bigger than an orange and the skin was cyanotic and shiny.

Dr Daniel felt that the bladder was obstructed while prolapsed inside this hernia and if the operation was not done, the dog would die.

"The rectal temp is below normal," I had advised IV drips, antibiotics and painkillers. It was an emergency surgery done after the IV drip and medication. The owner said the lump was like a marble two months ago, but ignored it till now.

24 hours after surgery- I noted that the dog was not able to stand.  He had pooped. Urine catherisation. relieved the bladder. His cyanotic skin near the anal area turned black as there was no more blood supply. Much of the other cyanotic and shiny skin were cut away as they were necrotic.   

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