Sunday, April 7, 2013

1354. Sunday's interesting cases. The yorkshire wakes up the owner at 3 am every morning

Two ladies in their 40s brought their Yorkshire Terrier to me as the dog would not eat again.
"There is milk from her breast," I showed the thick creamy white nipple discharge. "She has false pregnancy and the hormones affect her appetite."
"Are you sure it is not pus?" the lady asked.
"No, it is milk."
"But she is not pregnant."
"That is why the condition is called false pregnancy. You will observe that she will pick up and carry or protect a toy or piece of cloth for the past few days."
"Yes, yes," she said. "At 3 am for the past few days, she wanted me to wake up so that she could go out of the room to pick up the yellow toy crocodile. At one time, she would growl if I touch it. She would carry the croc upside down. Much earlier, she wolfed down the canned food she used to hate!"
"These are abnormal behaviour signs of false pregnancy," I replied.
The owner had brought along the toy croc and I took an image of it. The Yorkshire was not interested in it now and growled at me.

I advised spay later but the owner wanted a puppy from her.
"It is hard to find a sire," she said.
"I can introduce you to a breeder," I said. "You know that some dogs do die from giving birth or pregnancy, like people?"
She knew the risks and that Yorkshire requires Caesarean sections usually.

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