Saturday, April 6, 2013

1351. A panting high-fevered dam with 2 one-week-old extra-large pups

On April 6, 2013, at around 8 am,  I was surprised to receive a phone call regarding the poodle X I had performed Caesarean section one week ago, being unable to stand up and panting furiously. "She is having milk fever," I said over the phone. "Give her some milk and honey and bring her to the Surgery at 9 am.

The owners were there at 8.30 am. Last week when I rushed to the Surgery which took a 20-minute drive, the owners were slow in arriving. There were some indecisions as to whether they wanted to do the C-section and so my rushing down to perform the emergency C-section was in vain. This time, they were much earlier as the dam was in distress.

All 4 limbs extended. Neck extended. Tongue out. Panting non-stop. I got Nai to take the rectal temperature which was 41.9 deg C. It was extremely high and delays in seeking medical treatment mean death. I gave the IV drip (Hartmann) together with 1 ml of the Calcium. Within 5 minutes, the panting stopped and the temp was 39.6 deg C. The dog recovered.

"Not a single drop of milk for the puppies," I advised. "Otherwise, the same problem will recur. You need to buy milk powder for the puppies and bottle feed."

The dam recovered but there is the common problem of feeding and nursing the two very young puppies. No experience at all.

MARCH 30, 2103 10AM
Casesarean section done by me. 2 extra-large pups. All went home on the same day.

MARCH 31, 2013 10.59 am
SMS from me
Is XXX ok? Pl tel me. Dr sing toa payoh vets

MARCH 31, 2013  11.38 AM
SMS from owner
Hi dr sing. XXX is fine. Nursing well.

APRIL 6, 2013  9 AM
The dam had milk fever. Treated and recovered well.

APRIL 6, 2013 SMS  5.09pm
SMS from owner
Hi Dr Sing, I am XXX's owner. You told us to bottle feed the puppies. But they are refusing to drink. Is there anything I can do about it?

I phoned to advise using very warm milk, ensuring the teat has more than one hole and placing the pups near their mother. Less concentrated milk.

APRIL 6, 9.47 AM
SMS from me
Are puppies drinking bottled milk now?

10.31 pm
SMS from owner
No, they drank very little milk.

11.33 pm from me SMS
Give milk every 2 hours

APRIL 7, 2013  12 AM
SMS from owner
The puppy stool is watery. Is it normal?

5.30 am
SMS from me
Usually soft stools. New milk makes it watery

5.30 am
They hardly drink any milk. The tummy isn't round and full like it used to be.

Use syringe to feed warmed milk every 2 hours at least 20 ml till they are full. Or buy goat milk powder to give milk. You need to feed the amount (20 ml).

Very few people are successful in rearing 1-week-old pups. U need to read up on internet on how to do it.

Phoned the owner. No response from her mobile.

APRIL 7, 2013  11.02pm
The owner texted to me.

Hi Dr Sing, Puppy is finally drinking milk. I went to make my own milk for them by Googling and I bougth human milk bottles instead of the dog pet shop bottles. The nipples for the bottles are much softer. Thanks for your help!

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