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1411. Tearing in a rabbit - corneal ulcer.

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Attn: Dr Sing KY

I was recommended to your vet by a friend of yours, J. I have a 5 year old rabbit (XXX) who is currently tearing from one eye (since last year 2012). I've previously been to another vet over the course of 5 weeks, and this is a summary of how they examined my XXX:
15th Jan - first appointment, vet gives him duct flushing (NL Duct Flush) and prescribes Ciprofloxacin (ciloxan) eye drops, see result one week later
22nd Jan - still no improvement, vet gives same duct flushing, suggested to do xray to see if "teeth are causing the tear duct to flow"
29th Jan - went for same flushing again, AND xray, xray reveals nothing. Vet prescribes stronger drops called Acular Eyedrops for two weeks, see results
12th Feb - very slight improvement, vet says don't keep giving him drops, only give once in a while. Also gave Protexin fibreplex because XXX was having diarrhea symptoms on and off.

(Note: I am unable to obtain a report from the previous clinic as there isn't enough time to do so by the upcoming appointment. I hope the above information is detailed enough for the time being)
I am a little apprehensive, as I know it's tougher to diagnose rabbits due to their different anatomy structure, and I'm hoping you have a different opinion about his condition. And also, a possible breakdown of costs for the procedures that may occur.
I have already fixed an appointment with Dr Sing, for Wednesday 10.30am. Thank you, and let me know what you advice :)
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I am Dr Sing. Got your email.Thanks.


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Hi Dr Sing,

Thanks for the clear diagnosis for my XXX this morning. The previous vet has informed me that I can pick up the previously x-rayed image of XXX's head at the clinic itself, as they do not fax or email the image to clients... When I have the image I will try to email it to you.

One more thing I forgot to ask is, how would the ulcer in the cornea have formed? Could it be a foreign particle that triggered its growth on the cornea? I'm worried because I have another bunny at home, much younger, and I don't want my other bunny to get the same condition. Also, the vet previously told me that the eye condition would not be contagious and spread to other rabbits, but now that it's something else I'm not sure. Please advice, thanks!



Mar 8, 2013

It is difficult to know how the corneal ulcer was created. Whether it was due to trauma, infection or acquired entropion?

It could be due to the irritation from the ingrowing eyelids at the medial canthus (acquired entropion), foreign body penetration, hair irritation from the surrounding and constant eye rubbing. Whether there is bacteria or not, a culture need to be done but you have already used the eye drops. As for the treatment, wearing an e-collar is still advised even though the rabbit dislikes it.   

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