Friday, March 22, 2013

1336. The young Sheltie is very thin

The 1-year-old Sheltie came in for diarrhoea for more then 3 days..

She was bought as she was the runt of the litter. A very thin dog who would just eat the bare minimum. Previously I had her puppy canine teeth extracted but now I noted that the left upper premolar 4 had a puppy premolar 4 lodged inside.This was a surprising finding since most retained puppy teeth are canine teeth. The others just dropped off in time.

I put the dog on the IV drip for 2 days. The dog went home on Day 3. She was on I/D canned food + rice which was fine for the past 4 weeks till the diarrhoea came in. As to the cause, it is hard to say. Stool analysis revealed no parasitic ova but red blood cell +.

The dog went back on I/D canned and dry for the next 8 weeks to stabilise the intestines.

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