Thursday, March 21, 2013

1334. Neutering a 9-year-old male Chihuahua X

"He is still a virgin," the fair lady tutor of English, Maths and Science full-time said. "All these years, he was not naughty. Then yesterday, he started mounting the neighbour's female dog."

"He didn't do it before," I said. "The other neighbours would have female dogs but they would be spayed and therefore do not produce a pheromone that attracted him. Is the female dog he is interested spayed?"

"No," she said.
"The other female dogs had been spayed and so didn't attract him!"
"Will he still mount now he is neutered?" she asked. "He is a virgin and in the pas 7 years, he never did this."
"Yes, for a while as his testosterone hormones are still present. After a few weeks, he will not be susceptible to female dogs on heat."   

I reviewed the medical record. The dog came in Oct 30, 2012 as he had a right malar abscess. He was a healthy normal dog. Dr Daniel neutered him and the owner came at 6 pm to take him home.  She is a private tutor. "I enjoy my job very much," she said. "The free lancers give up as the syllabus is too difficult for them. . I have job security!"

"The Maths is so advanced that even well educated parents cannot tutor their own children," I said. So there is a great demand for full-time and passionate professional private tutors like her. Private tutors coaching small groups can earn more than an average employee if she puts in the hours and perform since there are fewer of such experienced tutors nowadays.

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