Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Size 15 e-collar for chihuahua's back to prevent leg scratching back

Feb 5, 2013

Unusual request from owner to buy a size 15 collar to fit around the abdomen so that the 14-year-old Chihuahua would not be able to use his left hind leg to scratch his wounds between the ears and on the spinal area. The husband brought the dog this morning as the dog vigorously scratched the back till it bled.

6 days ago, Vet 1 had prescribed antibiotic tablets, antibiotic powder to apply and Vitamin B to drink. Fluid therapy. The problem was that this dog scratched and scratched.

The skin lesions looked circular. Could it be ringworm? I did a microscopic exam of the hairs. It was ringworm. "It is best to clip the whole body, rather than just the neck area in case of other ringworm-infected areas. This dog was 14 years old and had a machinery heart murmur. I checked the medical records.  Dr Daniel had treated him for the heart disease (Grade 4 murmur) in Nov 13, 2012 as the dog was coughing for one week.

No more coughing now as the dog was still on heart medication. Intense skin itchiness. Blood oozed from the traumatised wounds.

"It is very hard to give tablets" the husband said. "He would turn his head away. I crush the tablets and syringe it in with Vitamin B  syrup." Now, he would have to give anti-fungal tablets for 20 days and antibiotic tablets. An anti-fungal wash. An anti-inflam inject was also given to reduce the intense leg scratching. The wife came to bring the dog back and wanted the size 15 collar as a prevention of the back leg scratching. "No need e-collar," I said. She insisted. We tried to put it round the abdomen. "How's the dog going to lie down?" she asked. "It is not practical and not necessary," I said. So, she did not take the size 15 e-collar.

"I expect the dog to recover in 30 days' time.
"Good idea," I said.    

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