Thursday, February 28, 2013

1401. Abdominal cryptorchid in a dog

"Is the vet competent?" the owner asked me. The young male dog had been sent in for neutering. Two undescended testicles. So, just get on with the operation. Many times, there is no problem locating the two undescended testicles under the skin.

However veterinary surgery throws the vet a surprise. In this dog, one testicle was located. The only was nowhere under the skin!

Be meticulous. Make a thorough examination before any surgery. If the undescended testicle cannot be felt under the skin while the dog is standing, don't expect to find it when he is on his back! There will be a lot of doubts from the owner when the vet can't find this testicle as it is inside the abdomen.
Have an examination procedure. Verify gender. Verify presence of both undescended testicles under the skin. If not, let the dog owner know immediately and open up the abdomen. The abdominal testicle usually is located next to the bladder at the side.
Be humble if you don't know and ask your senior vet what to do.    

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