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1255. Toilet training a puppy who eliminates outside his den

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Hi Judy
I am a first puppy owner, I am a mother of two. My kids are 9 and 16. I have tried putting him in one big cage to do all his business (eat, drink, sleep and play) but he seem not want to poop after food, yet he do it in the kitchen when I finally let him out to exercise.
I have read a lot from online but you are right that we are living in a HDB so we don’t have a garden for his eliminates.
I have read your article DR SING'S DRAFT REFERENCES & RESEARCH INTERVIEWS FROM 2005 - 2009

I am planning to try this
1. Small cage for sleeping with a pillow or blanket at night and when I think he need to sleep.
2. Bigger cage for eliminate. Keep him inside until he eliminate
3. Playing and Eating and drink in the kitchen
Not sure will it works? Please advise, thank you very much for your help. I wish to love my puppy and not to beat or short at him.

1255. Toilet training a puppy who eliminates outside his den

As each puppy is different in intelligence and behaviour, it is hard to give advices. Based on the fact that your puppy wants a clean sleeping and eating area but eliminates outside these areas,

I will propose that you continue as putting him in a crate (sleeping and eating area. Buy those panels of fences (used for playpen) to enclose this crate so that the puppy has an external "patio" to pee and poop. On this patio, put a pee tray with newspapers and his urine smell. This will be his toilet area. Slowly increase his patio and you may know he eliminates in his playpen and in 4-8 weeks' time, he will just use the pee tray and the fences can be removed..

I don't know whether you understand what I am writing about. Email me 2 images of existing cage and his surroundings if you want me to elaborate. Best wishes.

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