Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1250. Follow up on plump dwarf hamster 64kg with large tumour

Jan 17, 2013
I phoned the Pasir Ris lady at 11.45 am and reached her on her home phone to ensure she does the proper post-op nursing and medication. Sometimes, vets are too busy and will not phone if the mobile phone does not answer.

"She is eating and drinking water and active," the Indian lady said. "She is more active than before (surgery). I didn't know she has stopped exercising. I pushed the 1-ml syringe too much and spilled the medicine..."

"It's OK as the hamster just needs 2 drops/day for the next 3 days and the syringe has more than sufficient."

"Can I shampoo her?" she asked. "I do it every week. She was not happy at first but now she looks forward to the water bath as the weather is too hot nowadays."

"No bathing for the next 14 days," I said. The other instructions are:

1. Use a facial cotton piece, add clean warm water and clean the surgical wound 2x/day for the next 14 days.
2. Stitches will dissolve on their own in 21-30 days. No need to come for stitches being taken out.
3.  No wood shavings as bedding.
4. No exercise wheel.
5. Give medication
6. No bathing for 14 days

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