Sunday, January 13, 2013

1243. Mum's favourite dog died at the Surgery.

The "7-year-old" Silkie had difficulty breathing for the past 4 weeks. X-rays showed an enlarged heart. Two years ago, I had recorded harsh lung sounds on the right side of the lungs. Dental scaling and extraction of several loose teeth were just done in March 2012.

The dog wanted to bite me 4 days ago when she was put back into her carrier and the mum took her home after a day's stay in the Surgery for treatment of the lung condition. 1 day ago, the dog could not breathe normally again and was treated. For some unknown reason, the mum decided that the dog would be hospitalised. The dog was quiet and did not attempt to bite me when I checked at 8 pm. The next morning, the dog had passed away.

"I should have taken her home," the mum repeated. "He died of fright as he had never been away from hom at all."

"I did not expect him to pass away," I usually sent the dog home if I think the dog is very ill. "She died of heart failure as you can see the tongue is purplish."

This dog was mum's favourite, one son told me. "He would bite any one who goes near the mum. He is more than 7 years old as my brother got him back as an adult dog."
"Was she having difficulty breathing in the past months?"
"Yes," the girlfriend said. "She would be breathless when walked a short time."  

The dog's teeth were dark yellow and most were gone. So, this dog could be older than 7 years.

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