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1240. How to create an interesting video?

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Date:   13 January, 2013  
Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs & rabbits
First Romance or Fall In Love With You?
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
First written:  9 January 2013
Date:   13 January, 2013 
Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129
For the past 20 years, I have been writing text and inserting images.

In 2013, I will try to learn how to create interesting videos. The following is one of my first few attempts to create video with interest. This video was filmed by me at at the 25th Anniversary of the Nonyas and Babas in Malacca in late 2012. I was not really keen to go as such functions would be boring as I am not a Peranakan and I don't know anybody in this Association. Surprisingly, there were around 700 participants from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia and the organisation was superb as compared to heavy rain at the outdoor function in the previous year.
Instead of sitting down with strangers making small talk during dinner, I took my camera to the dance floor and tried to create some videos. The following video with a story line may be of interest to viewers.
The following is how I teach my vet interns in video production. The same principles of a compelling story applies whether you produce a veterinary education video or a dance video.


Hook - Protagonist -- An attractive woman with flowers in her hair. She loves dancing and found a capable dancer hopefully. Is she a Nonya? Is he a Baba? I don't know them.

Introduction - Crowded dance floor. Focus on this Protagonist whenever possible as a story is all about people and a character.
Middle - Antagonist -- Another good-looking woman who loves dancing too came into the scene. Would she be a better dancer? Who is her beau? Is he a good dancer? Is he a first romance? Will she fall in love again?

To break the boredom of just showing dancers, I angled the zooms lens vertically. Not a good idea as conventional movies don't do it. 

Who is the singer? Is he Cliff Richard? My lens zoomed on him.
A camera man went into the dance floor and blocked my view. I was hand-holding my camera and moved elsewhere. A steady hand to produce good video with focus.

I zoomed back to the Protagonist as she is a good dancer. But more dancers blocked my view.
The Antagonist is hearing some conversation but the music is loud. What did she hear?
Other dancers. Too soon, this 1-minute video had to end with the end of the song.

Ending - Quite abruptly. Without a visual impact. This is my first video and I have much to learn.
The website and updates will be at:

Conclusion: Is this video capturing the attention of viewers? I think so. But it is up to the general viewer to judge.  

Tips & Advices:  Join the fun rather than just eat and watch the poor quality TV screens of the dancers at the dining table. Get up. Take your camera. Go and see the real people and appreciate life. If you know how to dance, find a partner from your group of friends. There are many women who know how to dance well.   

I thought the song was "First Romance" but could not find it in You Tube. I grow up listening to Cliff Richard's songs but there are so many other singers. At that time in the 1960s, there were no distractions like coloured TVs and the internet or mobile phones.

The song was "Falling In Love With You" by Cliff Richard and they are at: includes Mean Woman Blues (with lyrics)

Song: The Young Ones:


These songs are for baby-boomers who grow up with music of the 60s. We still get the screaming girls in 2013! I would be going to Cliff Richard's performance in Singapore in Feb 2013 and the audience would be mostly in their late 40s and the screaming girls have had grown up with responsibilities. They would be more controlled in their emotions. I hope most of them have not fallen out of love.  I just booked the seats today Jan 13, 2013 but the good ones are booked. Although Cliff Richard is 72 years old, I am not expecting him to be at his peak. Just enjoy the music.  After all, the baby-boomer generation has matured too and the younger generation has taken over. 

Update and webpage is at:

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