Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1236. Not recognised vet degree

Nobody can "influence" the AVA on your behalf unless you are the son of a big important person, things may be reviewed again. That is a fact of life.

I have given your resume to an employment agent. It is NOT possible for you to be a vet in Singapore due to AVA's licensing requirements of accredited vet universities for practising vets and your degree is not recognised by the AVA. .

But if you are flexible, you may get other industry jobs or even in Yangon. But the pay is not what you expected and if you are agreeable, you may get a job e.g. in a vet pharmaceutical company that is looking for a vet to provide after-sales services for its veterinary products to vets in Singapore and the region..

I am really sad that you are in this situation but life is full of ups and downs. Whether you can be resilient or not, it is up to you.

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