Thursday, December 6, 2012

1211. Straits Times Classified to sell mini-maltese

A silver Mercedes parked outside my Surgery. A fair lady in her 40s, wearing sparkling diamond ear rings and low cut  came to my surgery with 2 mini-Maltese pups and their parents for vaccination and her domestic worker. She was referred to me by Boon who I believe to be a dog breeder.

I could just vaccinate and she would rush home but I am concerned she is keeping too many puppies.
"The mini-maltese pups are getting bigger," I said. "Are you selling them?"
"I sold one at $1,500," she said. "But my son is in the US studying and does not help me to advertise in the internet."
"As they are young, it is best to sell them to a pet shop if you don't want to do it yourself," I said.
"Pet shops offer me $400/pup," she said. 
I advised her to advertise 3 lines in the Straits Times, Classified 74, Pets/Pets Care, preferably on a Saturday.

2 Mini-Maltese pups for sale. $1.2-$1.6K. Vaccinated. Tel: XXX
This classified cost around $39.00 and should get much response.

"You may get con-men who takes your pups outside the house and run away," I warned her.
"I will ask my two maids to be careful," she said. "I don't accept deposits."
"Not many people carry a thousand dollars. You can keep the mum till the buyer returns with the balance of payment."

Grown up sons overseas nowadays are too busy to help mum to advertise the puppies for sale.  Vets must be proactive to help clients who have excess pups. Otherwise they end up with too many as the laws permit 3 dogs/private residence and 1/public residence. 

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