Saturday, December 29, 2012

1230. Posting to facebook of Stanley Veterinary Centre

Dec 30, 2012 From Singapore to Ms Rachel Woo with thanks
I am Dr Sing Kong Yuen, a veterinary surgeon from Toa Payoh Vets, ( Singapore. 

1230. Posting to facebook of Stanley Veterinary Centre

On Dec 27, 2012, I took a train and taxi to visit Stanley Veterinary Centre and was most impressed with its well designed layout and facilities and the friendly staff.
I write to say thank you to Ms Rachel Woo, Clinic Manager for her time and sharing of her vast knowledge of the various aspects of  practice management and veterinary medicine and the use of MRIs in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's veterinary services including SPCA's veterinary services appear to me to be most fascinating for closet writers, and more advanced at the MRI level compared to Singapore presently from my conversations with Ms Woo.    

On the way, I was shocked to see a mini-bus advertising a veterinary clinic ("Veterinary Light??) but before I could snap an image to prove that vets are allowed to advertise on buses, my taxi driver had zoomed downhill towards Stanley Village.

Could this be the new kid in Stanley Village, Ms Woo?
In Singapore, bus adverts by vets are prohibited and so I was much surprised to see one in Hong Kong. Ms Woo says they are permitted in Hong Kong.  
I wish Ms Rachel Woo all the best in the years to come Happy New Year. Keep up your good spirits

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