Monday, November 19, 2012

1187. The cat foster lady

"Sometimes, it is not the money but the shortage of time," I said to my associate vet who had amputated the kitten's left forelimb and had hospitalised it for 3 weeks. The wound did not heal well and the cat foster lady could not nurse the wound at home. So it was hospitalised here for some time.   

2 evenings ago, the foster lady came to visit the cat after being absent for 3 days due to her workload. My associate vet had gone to visit the ailing grandma on that Friday evening and so I spent some minutes talking  her. "Should the bandage be changed?" she asked me. "No need to change everyday," I said. The wound is healing by granulation. She usually spent time with the kitten till she had to go home. This time, the kitten peed onto her pink T-shirt. She went to the bathroom and changed to a floral one.

Today, Monday, Nov 19, 2012, the lady came. She was overjoyed when my associate vet released the cat to go home.

More Singaporeans are being kinder to stray cats and dogs now than 10 years ago. What happened to this stray kitten was that her left forelimb was paralysed. Her left eye cornea was 90% opaque and her right eye cornea had two large spherical bulges. 

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