Thursday, November 8, 2012

1175. Hard swollen abdomen in an old Pom - Ascites

X-ray of a hard swollen abdomen present for the past 4 weeks.
Dog was spayed in July 2012 by Vet 1. Inguinal hernia repaired and mammary tumours were excised by him.
The old Pom still had a hard swollen abdomen.

Owner said the 9-year-old dog was coughing a lot after operation and passed a lot of urine but was otherwise normal. 
Aspirated >200 ml of blood-tinged yellow gelatinous fluid from abdomen.

Vet 1 gave a better medical history than the owner. Ascites was confirmed by aspiration. X-ray showed radio-dense lump like a big abdominal tumour. Aspiration is important. There may still be a big tumour. Liver tumour? But liver enzymes are normal. 

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