Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1168. To publish***** Urinary stones in a Schnauzer

Please inform your editor/publisher the following:

1.  To make the article useful and educational to readers, you should include the following X-ray (attached file) associated with the case study image you have had inserted.

This is preferred to a pretty face (the puppy standing around at the bottom of the article). It does not contribute any knowledge to the reader.

2. If there is no space for the X-ray, use the space taken by my photo requested by you.  I don't see my photo as being useful and educational to educate many ignorant Singapore dog owners whose dogs suffer from kidney and bladder stones. The X-ray picture has more impact on owner education as a picture says a thousand words. 

2.1  The X-ray image of the case study of the Schnauzer image you had inserted is as at:

It is attached as in this email.

3. Readers may wish to know what actually happened in my case study and you could have educated them more by printing:

To learn more about this case, goto:

4. This will be what I will do as the editor. Not just printing a pretty face of puppy or dog to adorn the article. There are millions of pretty dog images in dog magazines. These are commonly seen by your readers in every dog magazine published all over the world.

But they rarely see X-rays of bladder stones in a dog and I can bet you that your publisher has NOT published one in any past issues of your magazine. There must be some new ideas in publishing educational article in your pet magazine, rather than the usual method of generating text with pretty canine faces to adorn a veterinary article. This method is commonly done in most dog magazines published by the US and by Singapore dog magazine publishers till they are too common and not interesting.

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