Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Brazilian girl's hamster has a swollen eye

Dwarf hamsters are quite popular in Singapore in 2012 as Toa Payoh Vets see more hamster cases nowadays. Yesterday I asked a Japanese mother on how she selected Toa Payoh Vets.
"I google hamster vets," she said that not all vets treat hamsters. "I saw your webpage."
What she said is true in my backyard. One of my associate vets prefers not to perform hamster surgery at any time as they are such fragile anaesthetic risks.

"No, you did not," the pretty and fair 8-year-old Brazilian daughter said. "You google Singapore vet."
"I did not," the Japanese mother replied. "You saw Singapore vet. I type hamster vet in Singapore."
"Children nowadays are very observant and watch what mothers do," I was much impressed with this little girl's close bonding with the mum. "How old is your hamster?"
"We bought her in January 2010," she said.
"That would make her 2 years and 9 months old," I noted that this hamster with the left swollen eyelids was not so active.
"Dr Vanessa will examine the hamster with me," I said. "Does she bite people?"
Dr Vanessa wore her glove in her right hand to weigh and examine the hamster's swollen eye. She pressed down the lower eyelid. Pus oozed out.
"We have to hospitalise the hamster for one day, anaesthesized her to remove the pus from inside the eyelids," I said. "Anaesthesia will permit us to do a proper job of lancing the abscess."
Some vets will prescribe eye drops but it will not work in this case as the eyelid abscesses are large.      

It is best to equip yourself with the appropriate surgical tools for hamster surgeries as the ones for the dog and cat are too big. See pictures below.

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